Nettle Meadow Farm & Artisan Cheese

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Producer Profile: Nettle Meadow Farm & Artisan Cheese

Location: Warrensburg, NY

Dream Team: Sheila Flanagan & Lorraine Lambiase

Founded: 1990

Nettle Meadow Farm is one of our favorite spots to visit. It’s out in the middle of nowhere in the Adirondacks, just catching the shadow of Crane Mountain. The quiet, wooded area of the farm boasts not only a creamery, but also a 1903 cathedral-style historic barn for events, a quaint cabin to accommodate farm stays, and an animal sanctuary.

Animal sanctuary, you say? Nettle Meadow is home to more than 300 goats and dozens of sheep, as well as several ‘guard llamas,’ chickens and ducks. Animals with special needs and those seeking retirement are accommodated in Nettle Meadow’s four large barns. There they can live out their golden years, grazing on hay, grains, wild herbs, raspberry leaf, and wild garlic. Not a bad life, ey?

Nettle Meadow Cheese

Below are Nettle Meadow’s award-winning cheeses listed by type. Sheila and Lorraine use the homestead milk from their farm for their cheeses first, and then fill in the gaps with their neighboring farms. Though most of these varieties are tried and true, some are seasonal. If you’d like to check our availability on any Nettle Meadow cheeses, please contact us.

If you’d like to learn more about local cheese or cheese specific to New York, visit our Cheese Products page.

Semi-Aged Cheeses
KunikTriple cremeGoat milk and cow cream11-16 oz wheels, 7-12 oz buttons, 4 oz minis2016 World Cheese Championship Gold Medal Winner, ACS 2010 Blue Ribbon for Triple Cream, 2016 NY State Fair Gold Medal Winner
Crane MountainBloomy rindGoat8-12 oz
Three SistersBloomy rindSheep, goat, and cow6-8 oz2012 ACS winner for Mixed Milk: Open Category, 2017 US Cheese Championships 4th Place Finisher
Briar SummitBloomy rindGoat, cow, and sheep2018 ACS 2nd Place for Mixed Milk/Bloomy Rind, 2017 US Cheese Championships 1st Place Winner for Mixed Milk/Bloomy Rind
Nettle PeaksBloomy rindGoat8-11 oz
Penny's PrideHard ripenedSheep and cow4 lb wheel, wedges available
Sappy EweBloomy RindSheep and cow2018 ACS 2nd place for Mixed Milk Bloomy Rind, 2017 US Cheese Championships 2nd place for Mixed Milk Bloomy Rind
Washed Rind Cheese
Pasco's Ration
Infused TommeGoat
No. 26TommeCow
Peppered EweTommeSheep and cow2016 NY State Fair Gold Medal Winner
Cheesemaker's FollyInfused TommeCow Milk
Pins & NettlesTommeGoat and cow
Fresh Cheeses

All fresh cheeses are available in 5 oz cups, or in bulk packaging of one or ten pound tubs.

Chevre (Goat)Fromage Blanc (Goat)Fromage Frais (Goat & Cow)
SaltedOriginalRoasted Red Pepper
Tellicherry Pepper & Lemon VerbenaRosemaryTruffle
Herbs, Black Pepper & GarlicHoney LavenderFig & Honey
Mixed HerbApple Cider Syrup
Garlic & Olive OilCranberry Orange
HorseradishHabanero Peach
MaplePineapple Cilantro
Pumpkin SpiceApricot Dill
Honey Lavender
Mixed Herb
Tres Leches
Egg Nog
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