Arethusa Farm

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Producer Profile: Arethusa Farm

Location: Litchfield, CT

Founded: 1999

Dream Team: George Malkemus and Anthony Yurgaitis

Nestled in the quaint countryside of Litchfield, CT is Arethusa Farm, and at heart, that’s what Arethusa is: a gorgeous farm that houses award-winning Jersey, Brown Swiss, and Holstein cows. Owners George Malkemus and Anthony Yurgaitis, who bought Arethusa in 1999, spare no expense to keep facilities in top condition, employees knowledgeable and trained, and the cows happy. After winning many awards and placing as Supreme Champion at the World Dairy Expo, Arethusa expanded over the years by creating a creamery in Bantam that produced amazing milk, ice cream, butter, yogurt, and of course, cheese. They have a dairy-to-table restaurant, al tavolo, named in the Top 100 Restaurants in America and guided under the vision of Chef Dan Magill. They also opened a mano, meaning ‘by hand’, a cafe to complement their retail store and restaurant by producing unique and exquisite pastries in small batches.

On top of their award-winning cheeses, Arethusa also boasts award-winning yogurt and sour cream. Arethusa’s freshly skimmed cream is then cultured and allowed to set until it develops rich, buttery aromas and a thick, creamy body that makes their sour cream the perfect sidekick to savory dishes and decadent desserts. This truly natural product contains no artificial growth hormones or antibiotics, and only homestead milk from Arethusa’s cows are used.

Arethusa’s yogurt formula is simple: their own farmstead milk and cultures. No thickeners and no stabilizers in sight. Their milk from the farm is gently soured and set in the cup for a heavy body and smooth, creamy finish. Their whole milk yogurt even won at the 2018 American Cheese Society competition! Available in:

  • Whole Milk Plain – 32 oz x 6
  • Low Fat 1% – 32 oz x 6
  • Maple- 6 oz x 12
  • Vanilla – 6 oz x 12

Arethusa Cheese

Below are a list of Arethusa Farm’s award-winning cheeses. If you’d like to check our availability on any Arethusa products, please contact us. If you’d like to learn more about our cheese, visit our Cheese Products page. See something you like? Place an order with us.

Tapping ReeveHard colonial-style cheddar, natural rind5.3 oz x 20 or
16 lb wheel
6th place for Natural Rind Cheddar, World Champion Cheese Contest
Arethusa BlueCreamy farmhouse blue8 lb wheel1st place for Blue Veined Cheese, World Champion Cheese Contest
Mt. TomHard aged alpine-style5.3 oz x 20 or
19 lb wheel
DivaSoft-ripened washed rind12 oz x 62nd place for Farmstead Cheeses, 2016 American Cheese Society Competition
Karlie's GratitudeBloomy Rind9 oz x 6
CamembertSoft-ripened9 oz x 64th place for Camemberts, 2018 American Cheese Society Competition
CrybabyFirm, Swiss-style5.3 oz x 20 or
16 lb wheel
EuropaFirm, classic Dutch gouda5.3 oz x 20 or
16 lb wheel
Bella BantamFirm, supple and creamy young cheese5.3 oz x 20 or
16 lb wheel


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