Old Chatham Sheepherding Company

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Producer Profile: Old Chatham Sheepherding Company

Location: Old Chatham, NY

Owners: Dave and Sally Galton

Founded: 1993

Set in 600 acres of beautiful countryside in Chatham is the largest sheep dairy farm in the US. Started by Tom and Nancy Clark, Old Chatham Sheepherding Company changed hands in 2014 to Dave and Sally Galton. Since then, they have carried on the tradition of producing award-winning cheese and yogurts.

Changes are brewing, however, as the Galtons have built a top of the line facility out in the Finger Lakes Region and will be transferring operations there. The flock of 2,100 dairy sheep have already made the move and are comfortably being milked twice a day, while being fed a diet of locally sourced hay  and grains.

Old Chatham Cheese

Below are a list of Old Chatham’s award-winning cheeses listed by type. If you’d like to check our availability on any Old Chatham cheese or yogurts, please contact us. If you’d like to learn more about local cheese or cheese specific to New York, visit our Cheese Products page. See something you like? Place an order with us.

Hudson Valley CamembertSoft-ripenedSheep and cow milk, cow cream2.5 lb wheels, 4.5 oz wedges, or 4.5 oz squares2018 ACS 2nd place winner for Soft-Ripened Cheeses: Open Category, Made from Mixed or Other Milks
2017 ACS Gold Medal Winner for Soft-Ripened Cheeses: Open Category, Made from Mixed or Other Milks
Ewe's BlueRindless blue cheeseSheep3 lb wheels, or 6 oz wedges2018 ACS 1st place for Blue Cheeses: Rindless Blue Sheep's Milk
Kinderhook CreekSoft-ripenedSheep3.5 oz wheels or 14 oz wheels2017 ACS 3rd place winner for Soft-Ripened Cheeses: Open Category, Made from Sheep Milk
RicottaFreshSheep4 lb tub
Sheep Milk Yogurts
Plain6 oz or 16 oz
Vanilla Bean6 oz or 16 oz
Ginger6 oz
Maple6 oz
Blueberry6 oz
American Cherry6 oz
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