The Marinade Master: Grass-Fed Angus Flap Meat

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Product Profile: Black Angus Beef Flap Meat

Producer: Silver Fern Farms

Location: New Zealand


Are complex marinades and fast cooking methods your jam? If you said yes, this grass-fed flap meat is your tour de force. This Black Angus flap meat (or ‘bavette’ if the unfortunate name of this cut makes you wince), is located in the short loin section of belly, only revealed once the flank and fat are removed. A gorgeous cut of steak, it takes to marinades like no other cut. Hit it fast on the grill, as grass-fed flap meat responds best to open flame and char. This is a cut with a lot of character, so be sure to slice across the grain!


  • Certified Black Angus flap meat
  • Grass-fed/finished
  • No added hormones, antibiotics, or steroids
  • Non-GMO
  • Certified Halal



For the plate, marinades are the main drive behind this cut, so don’t be shy with you favorite flavors. Fish sauce, sweet soy, hoisin, yuzu and a touch of toasted sesame oil coupled with the open flame of grill will create a flavor explosion. Toss in some basil, sprouts, crushed peanuts and chili flakes and bask in delicious complexity.

For the glass, it’s dependent on the marinades used on this cut. If you have a flavor profile similar to the above pairing, go for a fruit-forward wine to compliment the dish’s trifecta of sweet, spicy, and sour. Best category? Sauvignon Blanc.

For the mug, again it’s dependent on the marinades used. If your profile is similar to the above marinade, try for a brew that’s woody and herbaceous to peak through the heat, while being sufficiently malty to balance the salt. Best category? California Common.


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To learn more about Silver Fern Farms and their grass fed and finished certified Black Angus, visit their vendor profile. If you’d like to check our availability of grass-fed Angus short ribs, please contact us.

If you’d like to find more cuts of grass-fed beef or would like to learn about our visit our Meat Products page.

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