Jasper Hill Farm & The Cellars at Jasper Hill

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Producer Profile: Jasper Hill Farm & The Cellars at Jasper Hill

Location: Greensboro Bend, VT

Founded: 1999

Best Quote: “When I’m alone in the parlor, I sing to the cows.”

Jasper Hill is a working dairy farm with an on-site creamery in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. An underground aging facility maximizes the potential of cheeses made by the creamery, as well as those made by other local producers. Leftover whey from the cheese making process is fed to heritage breed pigs, roaming the woodlands beyond the cows’ pasture.

Jasper Hill Farm

Jasper Hill Farm boasts a herd of about 45 Ayrshire cows. While Ayrshires are not a high production breed, their milk has a high solids content and small fat globules, making it exceptional for cheese making. They are a pasture based dairy; in their climate, this means that the cows are on pasture roughly from May through October, or as long as weather permits. During the growing season their cows graze on lush pasture grasses, and in winter the cow’s forage is replaced with dry hay and their diet is supplemented year-round with a non-GMO grain ration that maintains digestive health and stabilizes milk components. Their cows are milked twice a day, and chores can take 3-4 hours for the herd due to their meticulous practices. Jasper Hill is a firm believer that cleanliness and the health and diet of the cow are paramount for good milk.

The Cellars at Jasper Hill

The Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm is an innovative 22,000 square foot underground facility, constructed for the purpose of providing affinage, or aging expertise, as well as distribution and marketing services for local cheese makers. At the Cellars, they ripen cheese made by Jasper Hill Creameries as well as those made by several other producers. Each cheese in their collection is made from a single herd of cows. Fresh wheels are introduced to one of seven specially calibrated vaults, where they receive customized care until perfect ripeness.

The Cheese

Below are a list of Jasper Hill’s award-winning cheeses listed by creamery. If you’d like to check our availability on any Jasper Hill cheeses, please contact us. If you’d like to learn more about local cheese or cheese specific to Vermont, visit our Cheese Products page. See something you like? Place an order with us.

Jasper Hill Creamery
HarbisonSoft-ripenedCow9 oz2018 ACS Best of Show & 1st place for Soft-Ripened Cheeses: Open Category, Made from Cow's Milk
2015 Best American Cheese and Super Gold (Top 16) World Cheese Awards
2015 ACS 2nd Runner Up for Best of Show
2015 Best of Class, World Championship Cheese Contest
Bayley Hazen BlueNatural rind blueCow, raw milk7 lb wheel2018 ACS 1st place for Blue Cheeses: With Rind, Made from Cow's Milk
2014 Super Gold & "World's Best Unpasteurized Cheese," World Cheese Awards
2014 Best of Class, World Championship Cheese Contest
Little HosmerBloomy-rindCow4 oz
Moses SleeperBloomy-rindCow20 oz
Alpha TolmanAlpine-styleCow, raw milk22 lb wheel2012 Super Gold, World Cheese Awards
WilloughbyWashed rindCow8 oz2013 ACS, Best of Class
Cabot Creamery & Kempton Farm
Cabot ClothboundBandaged cheddarCow32 lb wheel2015 ACS Best in CLass
2014 Gold, World Cheese Awards
2013 ACS Best of Class
2011 Award Winner, Good Food Awards
2006 ACS "Best of Show"
Von Trapp Farmstead 
OmaWashed rind tommeCow2 lb wheel
Landaff Creamery
LandaffTraditional Welsh style cheddarCow, raw milk9 lb wheel
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