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Curious what wild game tastes like? Want to find your new favorite cheese? Or do you simply want to try something new and different? AIF is here to help. Our online quizzes assist in things as simple as, “What cut of beef should I get?” to the more complex, “With what culture’s cuisine do I most identify?” Each quiz is tailored to find products that match your desired flavor profiles, consistency, cooking styles, and ingredients. Want new inspiration in building a cheese or charcuterie board? Done. Want to put on a unique special, but want to match flavor profiles to that of your customer base? Not a problem. Build your menus and your palette with our options below.


What Cut of Meat Do I Need?

Not sure what you’re looking for for your next center of the plate feature or appetizer? We’ve got you covered. Take our quiz to reveal what cut you’ve secretly been wanting to work with. Food psychology has never been so fun.

What is my favorite local cheese?


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Build the Perfect Cheese PlateBuild the perfect cheese plate


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