Chili Ancho Dry Whole 1# ADVENTURE Dry whole poblano peppers w/ mild heat, & a fruity, earthy taste
Chili Arbol Dry Whole 1# ADVENTURE Small potent Mexican chili similar to cayenne pepper
Chili Guajillo Whole 1# ADVENTURE Dried, whole, guajillo chilis w/ tangy, sweet, & berry-like taste
Chili Pasilla Dry Whole 1# ADVENTURE Medium hot, Dark purple color
Mushroom Mix Special Blend 1# GRAIN MILLERS Boletus, Pleurots, and Black Fungus forest mushrooms w earthy flavor
Mushroom Morel Domestic 1# Dry ADVENTURE Honeycomb-capped mushrooms w/ earthy, buttery flavor
Mushroom Porcini Dry Grade A 1# ADVENTURE Cap and Stem cuts with an earthy, rich, & woody flavor
Mushroom Powder Porcini 16oz ADVENTURE Porcini mushroom powder yielding earthy, rich, & woody flavors
Mushroom Woodear 6oz HUBEI Hand-picked, all-natural, woodear mushrooms, dried
Artichoke Bottom IQF 1kg x 10 WHITE TOQUE Medium, approx. 65mm., trimmed and turned, then blanched & frozen
Artichoke Quarters IQF 1kg x 10 WHITE TOQUE Quartered and frozen artichokes, grown in Egypt
Beans Fava IQF Peeled 1kg x 10 WHITE TOQUE Pre-peeled, frozen fava beans, ready to cook
Garlic Roasted Cloves 3 x 4# DIVINA Whole, roasted garlic cloves, frozen, aromatic w/ sweet taste
Mushroom Porcini IQF Cork 1kg WHITE TOQUE Frozen porcini mushrooms, earthy & powerful, w/ slight buttery texture
Tomatoes Roasted Red FRZ 64oz x 6 DIVINA All natural, frozen, roasted red tomatoes packed w/ garlic and herbs
Tomatoes Roasted Yellow FZ 64oz x 6 DIVINA All natural, frozen, roasted yellow tomatoes packed in vinegar & spices
Artichokes Halves w/Oil 4# x 6 DIVINA Artichoke halves in sunflower oil
Artichokes w/Oil Long Stem 3kg x 6 CORA Trimmed, steamed, & packed in sunflower oil & mediterranean herbs
Asparagus Pickled 3.3# x 6 DIVINA Asparagus, water, salt, cane sugar
Beans Gigandes Natural 3.1# x 6 DIVINA Large, white gigandes beans in water and sea salt
Beans Gigandes Vinaigrette 4.4#x6 DIVINA Large white beans, plump w/creamy texture, in a tangy vinagrette
Brussels Sprouts 3.3# x 6 DIVINA Pickled brussel sprouts with spicy crushed red pepper and garlic
Caperberries 32oz x 6 DIVINA Caperberries that add zing, with crunchy seeds & hints of mustard
Capers Non Pariel 32oz x 6 DIVINA Small, Moroccan capers, preserved in a vinegar & salt brine
Capers in Salt 5# Tub BEL ARIA Caperberries in salt to retain flavor & texture
Carrots Chipotle Pickled 3.3# x 6 DIVINA Smoky & crisp with a strong chipotle kick
Cauliflower Curried 3.1# x 6 DIVINA Cauliflower, red peppers, spices, peppercorns, curry powder, garlic
Chili Chipotle in Adobo 7oz x 24 SAN MARCOS Whole chipotle chiles preserved in spicy tomato, vinegar, oil & spices
Cornichon Gherkins 6 x 4.8# drained WHITE TOQUE Hand-picked for maximum crispness w/ tarragon & mustard seed
Cornichons 12 x 14 oz Jars MAILLE Crisp, tart pickles, made from tiny gherkin cucumbers
Cornichons Kosher 3 x 4.7# drained DIVINA Crisp, tart, kosher pickles, made from tiny gherkin cucumbers
Ginger Pickled Pink Japan 12oz x 12 AMAZU SHOGA Large slices of fresh, pink, tart ginger, pickled in brine
Grape Leaves 8oz x 6 DIVINA Salted grape leaves, preserved in a water and salt brine
Grape Leaves Dolmas 4.4# x 6 DIVINA Grape leaves stuffed with a mix of mint, pepper, onions, dill, & salt
Grape Leaves Dolmas 7oz x 12 DIVINA Dolmas stuffed grape leaves
Hearts Of Palm 28oz x 12 RUBY An artichoke-like vegetable, harvested from palm trees
Hearts of Palm w/Turmeric 8.8# x 2 DIVINA Fresh and crunchy, responsibly produced, crisp, tangy and sweet
KimChi 1 gal PUCKERS Old-world-style pickling method of fermented vegetables & peppers
Mushroom Marinated w/Garlic 6.25#x2 DIVINA Plump, full mushrooms, marinated in garlic, balsamic, & Italian herbs
Okra Pickles Hot 3.3# x 6 DIVINA Whole okra, salt, spices, tumeric crunchy, spicy and a little tart
Pak Dong 5 gal PUCKERS Thai-style, pickled salad, spicy, w/ a bold mix of vegetables
Peas Snap Peas Pickled 3.3# x 6 DIVINA Snap peas, crushed red pepper, turmeric, salt, suagr
Peppadew Whole Peppers 2 x 105oz DIVINA Mild whole red sweet peppers
Peppercorn Green in Brine 14oz x 6 Novia Del Sol High quality, whole, green peppercorns, in wine vinegar brine
Pepperoncini 3.3# x 4 DIVINA Packed w/flavor, yet delicately spicy. Turmeric used for coloring
Peppers Cherry Stuffed 2 x 7.5# DIVINA Cherry peppers stuffed with prosciutto and provolone
Peppers Green Shooters 7.5# x 2 DIVINA Cherry peppers stuffed w/Chorizo & Monterey Jack
Peppers Jalapeno w/Feta 8# x 2 DIVINA Crunchy, spicy red Jalapeno peppers stuffed w/creamy feta
Peppers Pepperoncini 1gal x 4 DEL DESTINO Subtle heat w/ pleasant sweetness, great for Italian and Greek dishes.
Peppers Piquillo 5.8# x 6 DEL DESTINO Oven roasted, whole, hand-peeled piquillo peppers
Peppers Red Roasted whole 3×5.75# DIVINA Roasted, florina, whole red peppers preserved in red wine vinegar
Pickles 1/2 Sour Garlic 5 gal PUCKERS Old world oak barrel cured garlic infused pickles, semi sour
Pickles Dilly Sweet 1gal PUCKERS Old-world-style, sliced oak-barrel cured dill pickles
Pickles Super Sour 1gal PUCKERS Old world oak barrel cured garlic- infused pickles, super sour
Portobello w/Roasted Pep. 6.25# x 2 DIVINA Slices of meaty, earthy portobellos in an aromatic marinade
Sour Krunch Kraut 1 gal PUCKERS Old-world-style sour kraut, cured in oak whiskey barrels
Sour Krunch Kraut 5 gal PUCKERS Old-world-style sour kraut, cured in oak whiskey barrels
Tomatoes Peeled Italian  6 x 6#10oz CORA All-natural, high quality, whole, peeled, Italian plum tomatoes
Tomatoes Roasted Red 3 x 6.4# DIVINA Roasted, red tomatoes, packed in oil, w/ deep, rich, & sweet flavor