Cheesecake Assortment Mini 144ct GOURMET KITCHEN Berry, plain, mocha, chocolate
Cheesecake Raspberry Mini 2″ 64ct PEARL RIVER 1.8 oz rounded cheese cakes, graham bottom
Macarons 2/72ct GALAXY DESSERTS Parisian in chocolate, lemon, rasp berry, coffee, pistachio, & vanilla
Mirlitons Tea Cakes 2/48ct GALAXY DESSERTS Chocolate, cherry, caramel apple, pistachio-apricot, hazelnut,coconut
Mousse Cake Triple Choc 3″ 18ct PEARL RIVER Layered dark mousse, milk mousse, & white choc mousse on choc cake
Petit Fours Assorted Passion 72ct LA ROSE NOIRE Caramel,lemon,pear chocolate,apple vanilla,choc praline,apricot almond
Petit Fours Black & White 4/48ct GALAXY DESSERTS Brownies, eclairs, mendiant log, moelleux, croquant, gianduja, tarts
Petit Fours Emotions 4/58ct GALAXY DESSERTS Tartlettes, choux, pistachio square opera squares, eclairs
Strawberry Strip Cake 33oz x 6 WHITE TOQUE Layers of sponge, strawberries, & decadent cream w/ strawberry glaze
Tartlet Raspberry 6/5ct GALAXY DESSERTS Made in France, classic Parisian w/ creamy filling & buttery crust
Tiramisu Strip 2 x 16″ GOURMET KITCHEN Traditional layers of espresso lady fingers w/ mascarpone filling
Arepas w/Chorizo & Manchego 100ct GOURMET KITCHEN Chorizo & manchego encased in a Venezuelan-style corn flour bun
Beef Wellington 100ct GOURMET KITCHEN Savory beef tenderloin w/ mushroom duxelle in French puff pastry
Cherry Blossom Tart 88ct GOURMET KITCHEN Black cherry, chevre, and clover honey in puff pastry display
Chicken Marsala Pot Pie 72ct GOURMET KITCHEN Fricassee of chicken, marsala wine, and mushroom duxelle in pastry cup
Chicken Quesadilla Triangle 100ct GOURMET KITCHEN w/sharp cheddar & pepperjack
Chicken Sui Mei 150ct GOURMET KITCHEN Traditional steamed dim sum chicken & vegetables w/ Asian spices
Chicken Yakatori 100ct GOURMET KITCHEN Slow-marinated thigh meat w/ Asian spices & soy sauce w/ scallion
Coney Island Franks 100ct GOURMET KITCHEN All beef frank stuffed w/sauerkraut &mustard,wrapped in crescent pastry
Crab Cakes (Breaded) 48ct GOURMET KITCHEN 2 oz crab cakes coated with fresh bread crumbs
Cuban Sandwich Mini 80ct GOURMET KITCHEN Pork carnitas, pickle relish,smoked ham, swiss cheese on petite bread
French Onion Soup Boule 60ct GOURMET KITCHEN Caramelized onions w/ gruyere in a mini brioche bread boule
Grilled Cheese Sandwich 100ct GOURMET KITCHEN w/Brie, granny smith apples and honey mustard
Lump Crab Cake Premium 88ct GOURMET KITCHEN Lumb crab meat mixed with an array of spices and bread crumbs
Mushroom Puff w/Ricotta 88ct GOURMET KITCHEN Puff pastry flour w/ portabella, ricotta, mozz & sundried tomato
Potstickers Chicken Lemongrass 150c GOURMET KITCHEN Traditional asian potsticker with lemongrass
Profiterole Gorg. Fig & Onion 100ct GOURMET KITCHEN Petite profiterole w/ gorgonzola, caramelized onion, & fig
Raspberry Almond &Brie Phyllo 100ct GOURMET KITCHEN Flaky phyllo roll filled w/ creamy brie, preserves, and toasted almond
Scallop Wrapped in Bacon 100ct GOURMET KITCHEN 20-30 count dry scallop wrapped in applewood smoked bacon
Sesame Chicken Tender 100ct GOURMET KITCHEN Chicken coated with bread crumbs and sesame seeds
Shrimp Coconut 100ct GOURMET KITCHEN Succulent shrimp coated w/ shredded coconut breading& Malibu rum batter
Spanakopita 100ct GOURMET KITCHEN Traditional Greek favorite of baby spinach w/ Grecian feta in phyllo
Spring Roll Vegetable 100ct GOURMET KITCHEN Vegetable mix with glass noodles w/ soy sauce and sesame garlic sauce
Wild Mushroom and Cheese Tart 100ct GOURMET KITCHEN Savory, hand-made cup filled w/ a mix of mushrooms & artisan cheese